Top 30+ Hacking tools in 2022

This include all cybersecurity and hacking activities regarding in computer, hacking tools, tips how to prevent from hacking and advance security.
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Top 30+ Hacking tools in 2022

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1. Invicti

Invicti is a web application security scanner hacking tool to find SQL Injection, XSS, and vulnerabilities in web applications or services automatically.

2. Fortify WebInspect
It is used to identify security vulnerabilities by allowing it to test the dynamic behavior of running web applications.

3. Cain & Abel
It is used to recover the MS Access passwords

4. Nmap (Network Mapper)
Used in port scanning, one of the phases in ethical hacking, is the finest hacking software ever.

5. Nessus
Nessus is the world’s most well-known vulnerability scanner, which was designed by tenable network security. It is free and is chiefly recommended for non-enterprise usage.

6. Nikto
Checks web servers and identifies over 6400 CGIs or files that are potentially dangerous

7. Kismet
Kismet is basically a sniffer and wireless-network detector that works with other wireless cards and supports raw-monitoring mode.

8. NetStumbler
Identifying AP (Access Point) network configuration

9. Acunetix
Integration of scanner results into other platforms and tools

10. Netsparker
Uniquely verifies identified vulnerabilities, showing that they are genuine, not false positives

11. Intruder
Integrates with Slack, Jira, and major cloud providers

12. Nmap
Contains a data transfer, redirection, and debugging tool

13. Metasploit
Ideal for finding security vulnerabilities

14. Aircrack-Ng
It can crack WEP keys and WPA2-PSK, and check Wi-Fi cards

15. Wireshark
Allows coloring rules to packet lists to facilitate analysis

16. OpenVAS
OpenVAS has the capabilities of various high and low-level Internet and industrial protocols, backed up by a robust internal programming language.

17. SQLMap
Supports executing arbitrary commands

18. Ettercap
Live connections sniffer

19. Maltego
Performs real-time information gathering and data mining

20. Burp Suite
Uses out-of-band techniques

21. John the Ripper
Tests different encrypted passwords

22. Angry IP Scanner
This is a free tool for scanning IP addresses and ports

23. SolarWinds Security Event Manage
Recognized as one of the best SIEM tools, helping you easily manage memory stick storage

24. Traceroute NG
Detects paths changes and alerts you about them

25. LiveAction
Its packet intelligence provides deep analyses

26. QualysGuard
Responds to real-time threats

27. WebInspect
Tests dynamic behavior of web applications for the purpose of spotting security vulnerabilities

28. Hashcat
Supports distributed cracking networks

29. L0phtCrack
Fixes weak passwords issues by forcing a password reset or locking out accounts

30. Rainbow Crack
31. IKECrack
IKECrack is an authentication cracking tool with the bonus of being open source.

32. Sboxr
Checks for over two dozen types of web vulnerabilities

33. Medusa
One of the best tools for thread-based parallel testing and brute-force testing

34. Cain and Abel
uncovers password fields, sniffs networks, recovers MS Access passwords, and cracks encrypted passwords using brute-force, dictionary, and cryptanalysis attacks.

35. Zenmap
Administrators can track new hosts or services that appear on their networks and track existing downed services
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