Turning Marketing Goals into Strategy

This is regarding digital and social media marketing, seo tips and tricks, and how to grow your market.
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Turning Marketing Goals into Strategy

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Turning Marketing Goals into Strategy

Setting Your Digital Marketing Goals & Objectives
Once you’ve defined and profiled your audience and developed your value proposition you will then define your goals and objectives of your digital marketing efforts and the activities that you want your target audience to complete as a result. You need to define your goals and objectives from a strategic to tactical perspective.

Step 1: Start with the Corporate Goals

First, establish your corporate goals. For most companies, the “Big 3” are:

Increase revenues

Cut costs

Improve customer service

Of course, brand-building is an undercurrent.

Step 2: Define the Marketing Goals

In support of your corporate goals, you should then define your marketing goals which might include:

Brand development

Lead and revenue generation

Market research

Improve efficiencies and cut costs (improve Return on Investment [ROI])

Provide an enhanced level of customer service

Build awareness for charitable or civic-minded activities or causes

Step 3:
Define the Conversion Objectives

Then, further drill-down and define the conversion objectives of your web marketing efforts. These might include:

Increasing the number of qualified leads

Increasing trade show attendance

Increasing sales for a given period of time for a given product

Increasing donations

Increasing attendance at a seminar

Decreasing customer service calls by increasing online support utilization

Step 4: Determine the Calls-to Action

These online marketing goals and objectives guide your campaign strategies and tactics and should then be applied to your Web marketing efforts, resulting in defining activities that you want your target audience to complete. These activities represent our calls-to-action (CTAs).

These calls-to-action may take the form of:

Filling-out and submitting a form

Watching a video or product demonstration

Downloading a white paper

Asking to be contacted

Requesting product information

Submitting a donation

Making a purchase online

These calls-to-action need to be measurable and quantitative.

Developing Your Digital Strategy
As part of your online marketing efforts, you’ll need to develop a strategy to define, design, and implement a Digital presence that meets your goals and objectives and satisfies the wants and needs of your target audience. A common thread running through your strategy is measurement and adaptation – constant and ongoing.
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