Aligning Your Brand Strategy With Your Audience

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Aligning Your Brand Strategy With Your Audience

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Value Propositions: Your Brand and What You Have to Offer

Importance of Branding Online
Your brand is the attitudes and perceptions your prospects and customers have of you. It is a psychological response to a marketing message.

Brand = Comfort

Your digital presence is one of your most prominent brand elements. It must positively and accurately reflect your brand. In many cases, your digital presence will most likely represent the first touch-point your audience has with your business and in many cases will be the only touch-point.

Strategies for extending your branding message online. This course will examine marketing, sales, and service in the digital environment with an ever-present underlying current of brand building, maintenance, and expansion.

Determining Your Value Proposition
An integral component of your brand and your business strategy should be your value proposition. A value proposition clearly states:

Who your audience is, what you provide that your competitors can’t or don’t, and how you do it better than them.

A well-crafted value proposition requires you fully and intimately understand:

Your audience wants, needs, desires, motivations, and pain points

Your product/service

Your competition

Also referred to as your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) or distinctive competence, a value proposition is not a mission statement or a tagline – rather something in between which is fact-oriented and concise.

Develop a clear value proposition by determining those items that differentiate you from your competition, then build upon those to establish your value proposition and your brand.

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