Google SEO Fundamentals

This is regarding digital and social media marketing, seo tips and tricks, and how to grow your market.
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Google SEO Fundamentals

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Google SEO Fundamentals

SEO stands for search engine optimization. SEO is the process of taking steps to help a website or piece of content rank higher on Google.


Title tags
1. Title tags not more than 55 words
2. Have certain keyword with bold text
3. Title name and brand name separate with hypen ( I ) (-)

Meta description
1. Not more than 160 characters. Between 150-160 characters.
2. Add call to action to determine the visitors what they should do next. like register, apply now, or enroll etc.

Meta Keywords no longer used

URL optimization
Don’t change URL ’s lightly
Use 301 redirects
Optimize url from the start
Use keywords in URL
Keep URL short

Heading Tags
Remove H1 to the site name
Remove H2 to the menu
Add H3 tags in the bottom of the page

Creating and optimizing content
Do not Duplicate content
Add Value and include new info
Relevant, well organized and unique
Add video or images to make stand out
Keyword use- Instead of using the same word, try to think of synonyms that can expand the keywords for your results. (Do not over optimize)
Linking relevant content- Link other content using anchor text

Analyzing website using web crawler
Crawling a website allows you to get all of the elements without being too time-consuming in your SEO.
Screaming frog SEO spider

Increasing brand recognition on social media

Building links to your site- This helps build your page's authority.
And increase page rank
Page rank 0-10 0 the beginner 10 the highest like twitter
Passing of rank known as page juice

Linking your site
Links should be earned naturally.
links found in and to the body are considered to have the most value since they are directly related to the purpose of the site and appear most authentic.

Anchor text best practice for the link

Social Media increase and boost brand presence and recognition
Twitter can crawled and index
Pinterest Seo

Technical SEO provides a proper foundation by optimizing technical as opposed to content-based aspects of your site.

XML Sitemap a file to be read by search engine robots or Screaming frog tools

Robot.txt -tell bots what to crawl and not to do
Though most search engine bots, like those from Google or Bing, respect this file, malicious bots can ignore the requests outlined in the robots.txt.
The robots.txt file must be placed in your site’s root folder or it will be ignored by bots.
“Disallow:” followed by a content path will inform bots of pages that should not be crawled. A crawl-delay identifying the number of seconds a bot should take before accessing a new page.

Error code
200- OK
404 -page was removed and no longer exist
500- server error
505- server is down or overloaded
503- status code indicates that service is not available

Redirects 101
301 permanent redirects- redirects are preferable
302 temporarily redirects- keep old page
Meta refresh should be used sparingly to ensure a better user experience.
Update redirect link site to a new page

404 page best practices
404 pages that have significant authority should be redirected to an appropriate page.
Well design 404 pages keep users in your site
Provide users wit h helpful link
Maintaining overall site theme

Tools ... should-use

Choosing right keywords - order to attracting relevant traffic
More specific and do not use broad keyword

Stage of Search
Usually buyers have a general interest, so they perform an organic search or awareness. They then begin to evaluate their options and then narrow to a category or brand and eventually to a specific item, at which time they purchase.

Navigational Query- A navigational query is performed when a searcher already knows what they want to find, but they need the search engine’s help to find it. For example, they know they want the Amazon website, but don’t know its URL, so they type Amazon in the search engine.
For brand Always focus on social media channels
Informational Query- gain more information or general content
Transactional query- s done once the purchase item is selected and is geared toward finding the right site from which to purchase.

Long Tail Keywords
-General keywords do cast a wide net, but also increase your competition. If your site is about laptop repair, “laptop” is not an ideal keyword. There is far too much competition to appear in search results for that keyword.
-Long tail keywords are ideal because, unlike head terms, they are more acutely focused on the needs and interests of your ideal visitors.

How user search
How to create user centered content
How seasonality impact searches and site launches
Compilation of Android Roms, Recoverys, Apps, Games and Tricks
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